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5 Most Common Problems with LinkedIn Pages 

​These are some of the most common problems we see with LinkedIn Accounts

1. The wrong network: Most professionals have large networks, however, they are networks of other people in that profession. For example, realtors will have all realtors or attorneys will only have attorneys, coaches will only have coaches, and on and on.  That network will never generate business for you!  Unless you are trying to recruit someone to join your practice that will type of network will never help you! 

2. Most professionals do not use all of LinkedIn’s “assets”. LinkedIn has 20+ fields where you can add information.  These fields are important, not for your prospects but for LinkedIn’s search algorithm, which is one of the ways your prospects will find you. 

3. Your Headline says realtor at…, attorney at…. or coach at…, that doesn’t tell your ideal client what you do specifically. Whom do you work with, what type of clients do you take on?  Every single one of your competitors has the same headline.  You need to stand out and be unique.  Do you specialize in a specific type of client, or law? Do you prefer small business clients? If you are a realtor do you have a farm area??  Do you have a niche? If you don’t have a niche or some type of specialty you will be fighting an uphill battle to get business. We help you develop your niche and tailor your profile to generate business in that niche. 

4. Your Summary is empty or only has a line or two. The Summary is the most important part of LinkedIn’s Algorithm. You need to have this area fully optimized and brag about yourself and what you have done.  Don’t just take your companies information and post it here.  This section needs to be unique and tailored for you.  We write this for you and test it against LinkedIn’s algorithm. 

5. No Consistency. This is really important. Remember all social media companies are ultimately data companies that want your constant engagement. If you are not on the site on a consistent basis building your network you are really hurting yourself. The networks want people who are consistent and the algorithm will reward you. With our automated system, we are on your profile 10-15 hours a day and LinkedIn’s algorithm loves it. 

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